The material carrier of the fourth space


We have lived in three spaces all the time; First space family, second space office, third space coffee bar, library, theater and other urban leisure places. With the development of society, the urban forest of reinforced cement gradually dominates people's mind, which is noisy, congested, irritable and stressed... Almost becomes the whole life of modern city, and the three spaces bring less pleasure to people. Returning to nature has become a common call. People begin to find a fourth space that can close to nature, relax their mood and bring new joy to life. Leisure goods, as the material carrier of the fourth space, advocate environmental protection and pursue natural harmony, which not only brings people a natural life experience and experience; It is also a frank expression of love for life and health.


Emphasis on functionality and comfort

The leisure products on the market are changing with each passing day. Now it is showing a new style of vitality. And the functionality and comfort of leisure products will be understood and accepted by more ordinary consumer groups.
Leisure products have gradually changed from perceptual pursuit of popularity to rational functional requirements. In order to increase the sense of comfort in leisure, leisure products are endowed with various special functions. There are the most representative leisure products in various leisure products. For example, the function oriented streamlined modern design of leisure awning products and the addition of solar panels are innovative designs that emphasize functionality and comfort with modern elements.


intended for

It can be students who like nature; Can be the pursuit of quality of life of the industry elite; They can also be a group of good friends who like outdoor life, and they can also be urban white-collar workers who stay at home. In the pursuit of health, fashion and environmental protection today, all kinds of sporting goods will gradually become the daily consumer goods of the public.